About The School


Sai Sundaram School is one of the few Central Board of Secondary education (C.B.S.E) affiliated schools in the hills of Darjeeling, India. It is a co-educational institute founded in 1983 located in Dilaram, a picture-perfect village in Darjeeling. It offers classes in English-medium from nursery to higher secondary education and caters to the need of many aspiring students from the village of Dilaram and surrounding areas. Sai Sundaran School received recognition from CBSE up to the Secondary level in 1999 and received CBSE recognition for its Higher Secondary level in 2012.   


We began as a nursery school in 1983 and have since grown into a full-fledged higher secondary institution offering education up to the XII standard. Today, we are proud to be able to impart quality education rooted in human values, moral education, and academic excellence. Besides academic excellence, we continuously strive to create an environment that fosters all-round spiritual, mental and physical development of our students.


Dilaram Sai Sundaram Education Society (DSSES), a non-profitable organization, runs the school. The School Management Committee under  DSSES is responsible for the smooth functioning of  the school.


The school itself is located in the lap of mother nature, surrounded by evergreen pine trees and the famous Darjeeling tea gardens in the village of Dilaram. Dilaram, a small village on the way to Darjeeling town can be reached by road from the nearest city of Siliguri which is at a distance of around 50 k.m from the village. Darjeeling town is another 20 k.m from Dilaram. The nearest railway station being New Jalpaiguri Station (50 k.m) and the nearest airport being Bagdogra Airport (50 k.m).The school can be reached from both the entry points via road.


Our Vision


We are of the firm belief that "Education is for Life and not merely Living". Our philosophy is influenced by the teachings of Shri Sathya Sai Baba who has instilled the importance of Human Values in Modern Education. In this regard we try to incorporate values along with the prescribed syllabus by the C.B.S.E. Board for our students.


In today's world we see a lot of evil surfacing, even in the so-called educated world which forces us to assess the modern education system. Even though man has achieved so much in the field of science and technology we can see decadence in the value system in our society. We believe that there should be a balance between Education and ‘Educare’. Educare being the inherent values and qualities present in Human Beings, which should be brought out so that one blossoms into a beautiful Human Being. Along with Academic Education we try to instil the importance of Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Right Conduct), Shanti (Peace), Prema (Universal Love) and Ahimsa (Non-Violence) in our children. Thus our mission is to help build a young crop of men and women who are morally strong who can lead a successful life filled with values. This would in turn help in creating a better society a better country and perhaps a better World. Thus along with the all round development of the students we give importance to the spiritual development of the child so that he/she becomes a responsible citizen of his/her country.


We give ample opportunities to the students for academic, physical as well as spiritual growth so that it influences in the development of mind, body and the soul. We have been trying to integrate modern methods with the time tested ones in our school curriculum. Concepts such as 'Experiential Learning' has been introduced which is based on the fact that students learn more by doing or experiencing. It is a fun way of learning where students get a chance to bring out hidden talents and get an opportunity to explore various subjects. The school has also tied up with Tata Class Edge to give the best in modern technology to its students. This is another form where it becomes interesting and fun for the students to learn new things and get their concepts clear. 


It is a continuous endeavour from the part of the school to improve and provide the students with the best in education. Though the school is situated in a rural belt and caters mostly to the needs of rural students, we try to give the best possible for our students. Our vision is to create an institute which has a proper atmosphere for the teaching learning process where students become self dependent and acquires a self quest for knowledge. An institute which has the ability to give a strong foundation to future professionals in various fields and in addition help them to become good Human Beings who will be an asset to any society.