It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. - Albert Einstein

We have a group of dedicated teachers in the school who are willing to work selflessly and honestly to bring out the best in students. The school is thankful towards their dedication and methods in shaping the lives of children towards a fruitful future. Every single teacher has played a major role in the growth of the school and in creating a conducive atmosphere for proper education which in turn helps in the holistic development of a child

1 Miss Saroja Chettri Principal,PGT
2 Mr. Nirpen Dev Chettri Vice Principal,TGT
3 Mr. Rudra Mani Pradhan Science Teacher, TGT
4 Miss Swarnim Chettri Science Teacher, PGT
5 Mrs. Manika Thatal LanguageFaculty Teacher, PGT
6 Miss Smriti Chettri English Teacher, PGT
7 Mrs. Minerva Rai Social Studies Teacher, PGT
8 Mr. Raju Rai Mathematics Teacher, TGT
9 Mr. K.M. Pradhan Social Studies Teacher, TGT
10 Miss Aruna Chettri Mathematics Teacher, TGT
11 Mrs. Indira Gurung Social Studies Teacher, PGT
12 Mr. Suman Rai Language Teacher, TGT
13 Mrs. Pratima Rai Social Studies,PGT
14 Mr. Tezan Lepcha Language Teacher, PGT
15 Miss Menuka Rai Primary Teacher, TGT
16 Mrs. Rita Thapa Primary Teacher, TGT
17 Miss Lucky Dukpa Primary Teacher, PGT
18 Mrs. Padma Pradhan Primary Teacher, H.S
19 Miss Shanti Mukhia Primary Teacher, H.S
20 Mrs. Lhamu D. Yolmo Primary Teacher, TGT
21 Mr. Pranit Chettri Primary Teacher, H.S